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Wedding at See Ya Later Ranch - Jamie and Jagger

I met Jamie and Jagger just over a year ago at a mutual friends birthday party. Not only were they a beautiful couple, but I felt a connection with them right away and we had a wonderful time getting to know each other that night. I remember leaving the restaurant and turning to my husband saying "I am going to take their wedding photos someday!"

Aside from following each other on social media, I didn't keep in touch with them until later that year. Jagger was living away at the time and contacted me regarding proposal photos. I have to say, my heart skipped a beat or two, and then broke into pieces when I realized that I would not be in town for the exciting moment. Jamie and Jagger were engaged over the Christmas Holidays and I watched from my cell phone, miles and miles away, as they announced it on Facebook and Instagram. 

I was contacted again, shortly after, to take enagement photos and we planned for the spring. They were hoping to have a longer session because they decided to elope and wanted "engagement/wedding type" photos taken before they left. Although I was so happy for my new friends I was so sad that my dreams of capturing their wedding day memories were fading. But any chance to take this couples photos was a blessing for me so I was excited as we planned the details of the photo shoot.

As it often does, life derails plans you have made and spring came and went without the photo session. It seemed that my dream of working with this couple was never going to come true. And then... I was asked if I was available for a mid week wedding. I believe my exact response was "Hellz Yeah!" Jamie and Jagger decided to have a small wedding at See Ya Later Ranch after they got back from the trip they planned. With only a few weeks before the big day, we met up, and discussed their vision for wedding photos. I took the day off of work and started counting down the days til their wedding day.

It threatend to rain that day. Clouds kept coming and going, making everyone a little nervous. As I left my house and headed to the winery, I forbid them to ruin this day! But there was nothing to worry about. From the first look to the first dance, this wedding was the dream come true I wished for. It also proved to be an insightful day as well. I realized a few things that day. The first is that a wedding day is just as exciting and a dream come true for your vendors as it is for you. We LOVE what we do! We get excited about your wedding day and count down the days til we get to be part of the big day. Celebrating your love story and being able to serve you on your wedding day is our joy.

Secondly, dreams do come true! I hoped for this day from the moment I met this couple. For most weddings, I meet the couple after I am hired. And though each and every wedding I photograph is a delight for me, there is somthing special about photographing a wedding for people you already know. 

And finally I realized that I may have super powers....like real ones. Rain clouds hung over us all day and it wasn't until I was in my car, heading home that they finally let go the rain they were holding back. This is not the first time I commanded the weather to cooperate on a wedding day, it hasn't been the last time they obeyed my order to behave. The first few times this happened I joked that I could control the weather. This is nonsense of course, but I am starting to wonder if it's only coincidence after all. Perhaps it's something more.....


Also because they are all so awesome, here is a huge shout out to all the vendors in this industry who made this wedding day perfect for Jamie and Jagger

Photographer: Something Blue Photographey

Venue: See Ya Later Ranch Winery

Make up: Brie Stein

Hair: Billy Jean Shepard from Shear Ambition

Officiant: Judi Ritcey from All Seasons Wedding Ceremonies

Bar Tender: Bar None

Flowers: Tangerine Orchid

Caterer: See Ya Later Ranch

Cake: Kaleena Cakes

Rentals: All Occasions