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Wedding at The Cove Lakeside Resort - Mackenzie and Graham

Blue skies and sunshine filled this day. A slight breeze made everyone feel more comfortable as we sat in the sun, waiting for the ceremony to start. Graham was all smiles as he made his way to the archway. If he was nervous, you wouldn't have been able to tell. And just when you thought his smile couldn't get any brighter, at the first sight of his lovely bride, he simply beamed! Her long veil was caught by the slow wind and danced beside them as they said their vows. There were tears of joy mingled with laughter. There were tender moments where you knew that Mackenzie and Graham only had eyes for each other. There was a kiss, and a cheer from the crowd, and a shower of flower petals as they walked hand and hand from the ceremony site. 

Just next door to the resort is a beautiful wooded area called Gellatly Nut Farm. The trees are tall and full of life. It makes for a beautiful location for wedding photos, and a popular one at that. We met up with another wedding party getting their photos done there as well. The park is large enough though that we were uninterrupted by each other. One of my favourite times of the day is taking photos of the wedding couple with their friends. Having been part of a wedding party myself, I know the excitement and happiness associated with a group of people celebrating their friend's marriage. This group was too much fun and honestly, I could have hung out with them all day. I didn't get their inside jokes, and I wasn't part of most of their conversations, but just to observe and capture the friendships between them was a blessing. 

Mackenzie and Graham were so naturally loving and affectionate that taking their portraits was a breeze. I tend to keep my distance when taking wedding couple photos for two reasons. 1. This is the first time the bride and groom have had with each other all day. This is when they can talk, laugh, and enjoy each others company without a crowd of people watching their every move. I want to give them time to just be with each other on their wedding day. And 2. I get the most natural emotion and candid moments when I stand a little further away. I can't hear what they whisper to each other, but I see their smiles, the kisses and the close embraces. I don't want to interrupt the magical moment they create for themselves. I am there to watch and freeze time with my camera. To make these moments last a lifetime and beyond.