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Wedding at Nk'Mip and See Ya Later Ranch - Courtney and Chris

There is no doubt that the locations of the wedding ceremony, photo area and reception hall were beautiful spots for a wedding. The only problem is they were farther apart from each other than I realized. We lost some time and when we arrived at the location for wedding party and couple photos, we had exactly 10 minutes to get them all. Thank goodness for my efficient and talented second shooter Lori Brown. We split up the group and got everything we needed. I couldn't have done it without her and will be forever greatful to her for help. 

After making sure everyone was ready to go, I led the pack to See Ya Later Ranch. Still very new to the area, I had never travelled through this area of the Okanagan by myself before so I was using my trusted GPS. I'm not sure where it took me but suddenly I realized, I had left the others. I was on a back road and my GPS battery was dying. I panicked! I was contemplating turning around and getting back to the highway, when I spotted a sign for the winery. You cannot imagine my relief as I pulled up and realized the wedding party was still behind me. I had time to scope out the ceremony site and get the detail shots I wanted. 

The ceremony was beautiful! It was such a thoughtful and personalized wedding with one of the bride's closest friends officiating. There were moments of tears and laughter and such sweet vows that would make the hardest of hearts melt. They met in collage through a mutual friend and have navigated the ups and downs of adult life together, which has strengthen the bond between them. Courtney and Chris also have the love and support of their family and friends who showered them with many blessings and lavander blossoms. After the ceremony and family photos were done, we were waiting for shuttles to bring everyone back to the Reception Hall. This provided me with a wonderful opportunity to snap more photos of the wedding party and the happy couple. 

I learned a valuable lesson this day. Weddings rarely go exactly as planned but with some quick thinking, help from wonderful second photographers and a good attitude, things will work out. And at the end of the day, two hearts and two lives will be forever joined as one. 

Second Photographer: Lori Brown

Ceremony Venue: See Ya Later Ranch

Reception Venue: Nk'Mip Campground 

Makeup: Sara Swain

Rings: Micheal Hill Jewellers 

Flowers: Ploka Dot Door