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Wedding at Tower Ranch Golf Club - Breanne and Harpreet

I like to show up early to weddings, especially when I have never shot the location before. I like to get a lay of the land and scope out any potential places to snap pics. When I pulled up to the Golf course I was filled with confidence and excitement. These feeling quickly faded when I found the Ceremony site. Don't get me wrong, It was a beautiful location. Clean cut lawn overlooking the city, lovely decorations and a nice summer day. But the sun was very bright and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Light was going to be a big issue and I felt a little nervous when I looked around for shade and couldn't see any. 

Once the Bride got there and the ceremony started, my nerves subsided and I trusted myself and my camera to do it's job. Turns out I had no reason to doubt myself. With so much love and joy between the couple and their families, I realized the focus was on them and not the background. When family photos were done, Breanne, Harpreet and I jumped into a golf cart to go take their photos. I was on the hunt for shade and spotted some a ways away. It was an enjoyable ride filled with lots of laughter and witty banter between bride and groom. Some tall green trees, high yellow grass and a woodsy area made for wonderful back drops. Everything went smoothly until the ants appeared. 

I had taken groom portraits by a nice evergreen and brought in Breanne for a few couple shots as well. Then when I went to pose her for bride portraits, I noticed her skirt was had been invaded by tiny ants. We quickly pulled her out of the area and spent the rest of our shooting time picking off the little critters. I have to say, Breanne was a trooper about the whole thing. We had gotten many good shots prior to this and once she was bug free, we carted our way back for the reception. 

Good times continued throughout the night with wonderful food, heartwarming speeches, fun games and shared memories. When the music started for the dances we went outside and watched the sun go down behind the hills. Darkness fell upon the valley but under the lights of the tent, Breanne and Harpreet danced with their family and friends. The valley was glowing with the lights from the city below and I thought this was the perfect way to end a beautiful day. And the perfect way for this couple to start their new life together.


Venue and Catering: Tower Ranch Golf Club

Officiant: Karen Belshaw (Marry Us Kelowna)

Nails: Vicotia Nails

Gown: Galina Gown (Davids Bridal)

Hair: Jessica Patterson

Cake: Sarah Monteith (A Little Piece Of Heaven Cakes)

Rings: Peoples Jewellers