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Wedding on the Beach - Rae Anna and Dan

Rae Anna and Dan's wedding planning didn't go smoothly to say the least. There were issues throughout the different stages of wedding plans, however, when the music started and Rae Anna walked down the aisle, everything that had happened before melted away. And suddenly there was just her and him, and nothing else mattered. The wedding was beautiful. The breeze kept us all cool in the warm summer sun. Passers by and tourists couldn't help but stop and watch as this couple exchanged vows. We even had onlookers from the condos across the street, though I am sure the bride and groom didn't notice, as their eyes found only each other. After a short but sweet ceremony, Rae Anna, Dan and his two daughters took part in a unity sand ceremony, each pouring a different color of sand into a beautiful vase. This represented a new family forming, because this wasn't just a union of man and wife. It was also a union of children and parents. When the many hugs and kisses, well wishes and family photos were done, I took the wedding party for a walk to the Japanese Gardens close by. We stopped along the way to take pictures in different locations and then had a lot of fun at our final destination. 

When it was just me and the new family, I took them to the KVR trail to take photos on the cliffs. By this time it was hot and we were all fading fast. Since we had ample time to spare, we made a detour and stopped in at the house the wedding party had rented for the occassion. Some much needed water, snacks, and just a bit of a rest was a great way to recharge. It was cool to just hang out with Rae Anna, Dan, Anna and Zoey. We chatted, laughed and got to know each other a little better which makes this process all the more fun. And it made the next series of photos that much more enjoyable. I even recruited one of Dan's daughters to be my second shooter for a few shots. She took some amazing shots which I've included in the photos below. Can you guess which ones? 

I said my goodbyes once photos were done and wished them a lifetime of happiness together. From the first meeting with this couple til the last shot was taken, I felt like I was in the company of friends. Rae Anna and Dan have a natural ability to make you feel welcome and at ease. It's couples like them that make my job enjoyable and easy to do. 


Ceremony Venue: Marina Way Beach

Reception Venue: Lakeside Resort

Hair and Makeup: Studio on Main

Caterer: Lakeside Resort

Wedding Dress: Davids Bridal

Rentals: Westminister Rental Comapny