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Wedding in Summerland - Carmen & Alex

Carmen and Alex had a wedding that perfectly reflected the important aspects of their life. Family, Friends and Fun. Family traditions played a big part in the early stages of their wedding day. And old dollar bill was pinned into Carmens wedding gown for good luck. This lucky dollar bill was the same one pinned to her mothers dress, as well as her grandmothers dress when they got married. There was also an old car that Carmens father and mother had wedding photos taken with. On this day, he proudly drove his daughter to the church in this beautifully restored old car, and later we recreated her parents wedding photo as well. All their photos were taken at the Summerland Ornamental Gardens. This too had sentimental reasons attatched to it. Alex and his family spent many summer days picnicking in the gardens. We took family photos in front of an old large tree that had been climbed many a time by Alex and his brothers. But this was not the only reason for us being there. Both Alex and Carmen's parents were married in the same year and hired the same photographer who took them to the same gardens for their photos. I can see why as they are beautiful and offer a variety of places to go for pictures.

This wedding party was a fun bunch! We had such a great time roaming the gardens and hanging out while snapping pics. A favourite passtime for them is playing card games. One in particular is a game called Dutch Blitz, which is one of my favorites too. Under a tree in the gardens, on a blanket on the ground, they played a round and I captured their crazy shenanigans. 

Carmen and Alex wanted their wedding to be about people coming together and having a good time. This was really evident at the Reception as each table had a different board game as their center piece. There was a lot of laughter during speeches, games and a surprise lip sync dance for the bride. There was so much joy in the hall and I am sure it lasted long after I left. I am also sure there will be many many years ahead of this couple filled with friends, family, fun, and most of all, love!