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Wedding At Lakeside Resort - Nicole & Blake

As I put them in their first pose, they burst out laughing. Nicole said she felt a little silly because they are not a romantic couple and that this felt a little awkward. Well that is the last thing I want for my couples. I did my best to try to put them at ease and get comfortable and slowly but surely, they let their guard down, and just became themselves. Which is what I want. But this made me wonder about what the word "romantic" means. I think we have this idea that it's all candels and slowdances and movie magic. In reality it's about love and showing love to each other in your own unique, and yes sometimes awkward ways. I don't want the ideal Disney princess romance. I want real life! And once these two found each other, in whichever way I asked them pose, they nailed it. They laughed, they joked around. They had fun and talked. Their hands found each other. His lips found her cheek. And somewhere in between the first awkward moments of photo taking and the last shot, true love and real romance took over. 

This whole wedding was covered in romance. The decor, the dress, the hair and makeup, right until the end when they danced the night away. At one point Blake was being asked some questions by the very talented John Thiessen from Engaged films. His question for the groom was "What do you love most about Nicole?" Blakes response was " Oh man....there are so many things I love about her. She's amazing!" And then after a moment he said "I love that she said yes!" I nodded in approval at his answer and it made me tear up a little. 

This wedding also had some of the most epic speeches I have ever witnessed. From a personalized rendition of the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" rap by the maid of honor, to a little movie magic featuring one of the groomsmen's frantic journey to retrieve a speech he left in Calgary, these tributes to the bride and groom left everyone in stitches! I have many memories of this fabulous wedding and the couple who's love we celebrated that day. They have an amazing love story and I just know they will have an amazing marriage! Congrats again to Nicole and Blake!


Venue & Cateror:  Penticton Lakeside Resort

Hair and Makeup: Glam n' Go

Florist: Darlene Pickerill

Decorator: Lisa Laflemme with Innovative Events and Promotions 

Videographer: John Thiessen with Engaged Films

Officiant: Heather Byer

DJ: Rus with Affordable DJ's

Dress: Casa Bella 

Suit: Rococo

Wine Tasting: Thornehaven Winery