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Wedding at Lang Vineyard - Jessica & Bryan

We started the day at one of the most beautiful condos I have ever stepped into. It was light and bright and perfect for taking photos of the bride getting ready. The girls had a great time sipping mimosas, chatting and laughing while they took turns getting their hair and makeup done. I asked Jessica a few times how she was feeling, and she was pretty relaxed all morning. Even once the dress was on, she seemed calm and just ready to marry the man of her dreams. 

We made it to Lang Vineyard for the ceremony which was located in a clearing amongst their vines. It was a beautiful setting for a wedding. Jessicas friends serinaded the guests while they took their seats and then sang her down the isle. There was one small hiccup when her viel fell off and started to fly away. But the quick action of her father and coordinator helped retrieve it and place it back where it belonged. Among his groomsmen stood Jessicas 9 year old son Austin. He looked so proud as he watched his mother say her vows. Then together, as a family, they planted a tree as their unity celebration. Everyone present could sense that this was the start of something amazing. 

Our next stop took us to the Marina where we took photos on a boat. The dock could only support a few of us at a time. So after some clever maneuvering and patience while they took turns climbing aboard, we snapped some fun shots. I also took some of just the happy couple at this location as well. I love marinas and think they can be a unique and beautiful spot for wedding photos.

From there, I took this lovely couple to the Japanese Gardens. We took our time to watch the Koi fish in the pond and enjoy the beauty of the gardens. I love this part of the day as it is often the only chance a couple has to be somewhat alone on their wedding day. To enjoy each other's company without a hundred eyes watching them. Without interuption or crowded conversation. Just a quiet time to reflect on the committment they just made. As they followed my guidance, Jessica and Bryan naturally stepped into their poses with ease. No fake smiles or ridged posture. Just two people in love.

My last stop that night was at the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre where people were anxiously awaiting the new couple.....and a delicious meal. The night was filled with touching stories, funny memories, lots of laughter and lots of love. As the music played on throughout the night, the reception turned into a lively celebration. I got to witness the epic dance moves of Jessica's dad when they took to the dance floor. It was by far the best father-daughter dance I have ever seen. Even Austin jumped in and danced along at the end. 

As I said my good byes that night I thanked both of them for sharing this day with me. It truly was an adventure.


Ceremony Venue: Lang Vineyard, Reception Venue: Penticton Trade & Convention Centre, Wedding Planner & Decorator: Vines and Vows, Florist: Lisa's Flowers, DJ: DJ Shakes/Nonstop ProductionsHair Stylist: Brandie Elfstrom Mobile Hair & Make Up Artistry, Officiant: Evelyn Blaine, Dress: Pure BridalSuit: Moores