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Wedding at St. Andrews By The Lake Golf Course - Jamee & Jason

They met at work. He was her supervisor and quickly took notice of her. They formed a friendship which turned into a deeper relationship and soon were inseperable. As she was getting ready, Jamee and Jason were texting back and forth. Each time she looked at her phone she smiled. Not just a normal smile, but one that comes from deep within her soul and lights up her eyes. Underneath the willows he held her like he would never let her go. Each touch, each glance, each grin was evidence of the complete devotion these two have for each other. More than words could ever say. 

Tender moments turned into a crazy fun when the reception started. Everyone enjoyed the speeches and games and totally got into the spirit of celebrating their union. I honestly laughed out loud more than once as I took photos. It is amazing how many different emotions one goes through at a wedding. The quiet romantic alone times, the sweet and emotional family times and the laughable times surrounded by loved ones. It's a pleasure, an honor and a dream come true to be able to capture each and every one.