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Wedding at Sunset Ranch Golf Course - Alanna and Brent

The day started with the typical flurry of activity as brides and bridesmaids get ready for a wedding day. Make up, hair, dress, jewlery, everything had to be just right for the celebration that was to come. A celebration of two hearts becoming one. Of two lives joined together and two families forever linked because two people fell in love. 

Alanna and Brent have shared so many great adventures together which included the birth of their beautiful daughter. Today they wanted to make vows, pledge lives and start a new adventure. As the music started and she walked towards him, he had the biggest smile on his face. One that only comes from knowing that something amazing was about to happen. They took each others hands and spoke words of promise to each other. They shared in a kiss and a marriage was born. 

When the hustle and bustle of family and wedding party photos were over, and everyone left except for this couple and I, a sweet silence filled the air. He turned to his new bride said, "I want to just look at you for a bit, because this is the first chance I have had to really see you and talk to you today. Hi!". I gave them some space to enjoy this moment. They were so focused on each other and naturally came together in their poses, that I barely had to tell them what to do. I enjoyed watching them interact with each other as I took their photos.

Later on the party started. Laughter filled the air and tears of joy filled the eyes of proud parents. It was the perfect way to spend my Canada Day. Celebrating a new chapter in this couple's life, and being thankful to live in such a wonderful country. Where my dream of sharing these moments with couples has come true.