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Wedding in Kelowna - Chrissy and Mike

I always stress to my clients that I want to meet with them face to face before their wedding day. This couple is the prime example why. I met with Chrissy and Mike 3 times before their October wedding and because of those meetings, we got to know each other well. We just "clicked" and by the time their wedding day arrived, I walked into their home not as a stranger but as a friend. I bacame part of the day in a much more intimate way. And because I was interacting with them and their families, the overall experience, for me was that much better. I also feel like Chrissy and Mike were more open to being themselves around me and my huge camera. Their comfort level was higher and therefore their photos are more genuine. When I look at these photos I don't see beautiful poses, I see beautiful people very much in love. Ultimately that is what I strive for. Photos that show who two people for who they are as a couple. Photos that show a deep passion between them. Chrissy and Mike made it easy for me to capture their joy and love and devotion. They made it easy to step into their moment and capture their story. They made it easy to forget that I was doing a job and allowed me to become part of their memories. They gave me something I will never forget. A goal...a standard that I hold each of the weddings I photograph to. And for this I will be forever grateful!