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Wedding at the Kelowna Yacht Club - Blake and Brisa

Their Love story started when they met at the wedding of his best friend and her sister. Despite living in different countries and speaking different languages, a connection began and their love grew. As I listened to how Blake and Brisa's relationship developed, I was reminded that true love is spoken with the heart and does not need words to be understood. It crosses oceans and stretches beyond boarders to touch one's soul and when it does, you are never again the same. 

The wedding was short, sweet and simply beautiful; filled with so many tender moments. The ceremony took place overlooking the marina. As they spoke their vows to each other, (with the help of a translator), the sun started to set behind them, giving the world a brilliant golden hue. Later at the reception, Brisa's father pinned money onto her dress, a Mexican wedding tradition, and started dancing with his baby girl. Both families then lined up to pin money onto the couple and took turns dancing with them. 

The whole night was so wonderful and strengthened my faith that love is, and always will be the strongest force in the world. Once it has touched your heart, nothing can stop it from transforming your life!