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Remember The Time

As I was going through my photos the other day, I caught myself smiling from ear to ear as a thousand different memories from weddings, photoshoots and events flooded my mind. There are conversations and behind the scenes moments attached to each image and I recall every single one vividly. Then it dawned on me that I wasn’t just there to capture other peoples memories, but I was there creating my own as well. Ones that I will cherish forever. I would like to share some of these with you. Enjoy!


As I laid down on the grass to get a unique angle of the champaign toast, Mike jokingly asked what would happen if he spilled it on me? I replied “Just make sure to get in in my mouth and not on my camera and we’ll be ok!” Low and behold, I suddenly felt something wet in my ear. Mike was so apologetic but he had no reason to be. It made for a rather humorous moment and though it missed my mouth completely, it missed my gear as well just as I instructed. No harm done!




Photoshoots aren’t always perfect and they don’t always go smoothly. I was more than a little embarrassed when I drove all the way out to Coldstream for an engagement shoot only to discover that I had left my all of my memory cards at home. Thank goodness for my wonderful husband who quickly picked up another one at a local store and saved the day. The rest of the session went really well and Jess and Jon were so wonderful about the whole ordeal. I learned a very valuable lesson that day!


Even though I had almost ruined their engagement session, Jess and Jon asked me to take their wedding photos which I was so honoured to do. This wedding was very memorable as it was so quaint and the smallest one I have shot to date. But there was one tender moment during the ceremony that will stay with me forever. Jon asked Jess daughter to come up. As she stood before him he made vows to his new daughter and presented her with a locket as a symbol of his love and devotion to her as well. I feel blessed to have witnessed such a wonderful moment.


Ali has modelled for me a few times but I loved the Steampunk shoot we did on the Sicamous. We had the boat to ourselves and just had the best time exploring the old ship and taking photos.


I remember the time Herman and I went out to Rock Creek for a pre wedding meeting with Sam and Josh. They were going to take us to the ceremony site which overlooked the valley. We drove as far as we could in our car but when the road took turned into a muddy dirt trail, we knew our car would never making it up there. Before I knew it we were sitting on the back of Joshs truck bobbing up and down as we headed up the mountain. We must have been quite the site to see dressed in business attire on the back of a truck. Nothing this small town girl can’t handle! It was a fun adventure and brought back memories of my childhood in my hometown. And was it even worth the trip….just look at this view!


Have you heard of the Okanagan Beard Festival? This is the second year that I have shot for this awesome battle of the beards. I even had the privilege of doing a photo shoot with the winners from last year which turned into a Calendar. This year there are 6 events spread over 4 months and the men are stepping up their game! If you haven’t been to any of these events I highly recommend it. Good memories are sure to be made.


The dance floor remained empty while the father daughter music played, as a memorial to the man she called daddy. The family gathered around to honour the memory of a dear beloved father who could not be there that day. He was there in spirit though, and very much alive in the hearts and memories of his family and friends.


Photography and wine….two of my passions rolled into one shoot! What could better than this. I was asked to take photos for Wine Glass Writer. We went to Little Red Engine winery in Naramata to take these and had the best of luck weather wise. It had rained that day but cleared up right as we headed outside to take the last of the photos. It was a great pleasure to work with these two lovely ladies and the start of a wonderful friendship!

I have heard many speeches at weddings over the years. But this one given by Dawids father was so memorable. He asked his new daughter in law if she remembered taking them to the butterfly gardens. He told her that seeing her today reminded him of that day and that now she was the most beautiful butterfly. Then he declared that he did not come all this way from South Africa to watch his son get married, but that he was also here to bring his new daughter home. This statement brought many laughs from the room and a protest from Ashleys mother. Epic speech!


Who says dancing starts after the wedding dinner? Why not start the day with a dance party? That is exactly what happened while we were getting ready for my sisters wedding. As we danced to epic 80’s tunes, I grabbed my camera to make sure we would never forget it. And I have yet to find a better way to start any day than shaking your groove thang!


I have had the privallage of working with Meyer Family Vineyards for the past 2 years, taking bottle shots of their amazing wines. This past Christmas, I was asked to take some holiday themed shots for them. My brother and I had a wonderful time setting up shots and chatting with the wonderful staff! This is my favorite image from that shoot. The stainless steel tasteing counter gave a hint of refection and the red berries enhanced the red label perfectly. Not a shabby way of spending an afternoon.


As the music played for the father daughter dance at Sam and Joshes wedding, an invitation was made for other fathers and daughters to take the dance floor. Joshes best man walked over to his beautiful wife and picked up his new daughter. He tenderly danced with his baby girl and I made sure that this moment would never be forgotten.


I remember the time my second photographer and good friend Shaun, bought a round of shots for the bridal party at the Barking Parrot. There was some time before the next set of photos so we decided to take a break. Shaun's generosity and great idea made for a great photo.


My beautiful nieces came to visit me last year and we drove all over the valley for this photoshoot. After we had been to Hotel 1912 in Kaleden we got a bit hungry. Dressed in their medieval finest we stopped for some fast food before heading out again. They got a few strange looks from others as people tried to figure out what we were up to. But I don't think either of them cared. How often can you dress in regal finery? I miss these two so much and think of this day often!


Cake cutting and gender reveal all in one day! This non traditional blue berry pie held the secret gender of this couples future baby. When the pie was cut and the piece lifted up, blueberries announced that a baby boy would be joining this family in the near future.


Whenever I take photos of this lovely lady I end up giving wonderful memories. My dear friend Kaitlyn has modelled for me a few times now and I am always amazed at how naturally talented she is at it. This session had been planned for a few months and we only had a small window of time to do it. Unfortunately the weather was crazy cold that day but Kaitlyn was a trooper and rocked this shoot. And you would never know from the way she was posing that she was shaking from the cold. Between warming up in the car, wardrobe malfunctions and the dog jumping on her in the snow, we had a wonderful time!


As Lauren got ready for her big day, she asked someone to get a toothbrush from her home so she could give her ring a quick scrub so it too was radiant as she walked down the isle. One of her bridesmaids left to run some errands which included picking up some of her own items she had forgotten to bring. When she returned, she quickly set everything down and left it unattended for a while. Lauren grabbed a toothbrush and proceeded to clean her ring only to discover later that it was her friends toothbrush she had used. We all had a good chuckle and I snapped a photo.


Finally, there are these shots.Photobooths are just fun! I have done a few of them at different events in the area and I enjoy them so much, as do the people who take part. They always guarantee a great photo!