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Wedding In Kamloops - Bunni & Regan

2016 was deffinately a year of firsts for me and this wedding was no exception. When I realized I was going to have to take wedding photos in the rain, I had a bit of a breakdown. Untill this point I had never had to deal with percipitation of anykind while doing a wedding. I thought my photos were doomed. But after my wonderful husband calmed me down, I told myself to just go with it and do my best. So I did. Everyone was so amazing about having to stand in the cold and the rain. Bunni and Regan were troopers! Their wonderful attitudes and joyful spirits made shooting in the rain an amazing experiences and their photos turned out beautifully. 

There were so many special moments in this wedding. The ornaite headpiece was found by the brides mother and reflected Bunni's culture so beautifully. There was a wonderful surprise when the couple cut their wedding pie. It was blueberry which revealed that the baby they were expecting was a boy. And the whole room was brought to tears when the music started playing for the touching Father/Daughter memorial dance. Every detail about this wedding was touched by love and this day was truly covered in showers of blessings.