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Rock Creek Mountain Wedding - Sam & Josh

"The Labounty men take care of their women" This was something that was said as the ladies got ready for Sam and Joshes big day. From the way she talked about him, I realized that this statement was very true. And from the way he looked at her, held her and smiled at her, I could tell that he would provide for Sam's every need. Josh is a country boy. Brought up to be a hard working, down to earth and loyal til the end of time kind of man. When he made his vows he meant every word with all his heart. She is a country gal, taught to stand by her man through whatever may come their way. To show him great love, kindness and respect. When he took her by the hand, she gave him her heart instead. High on top of a mountain, they looked out accross the valley below and out to their bright future together as man and wife.